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Functional art, handcrafted by Kashmiri artists


Exotic Kashmir prides itself in taking the finest, most exclusive artisan products directly from Kashmir to the rest of the world.

Established in 2010, the company’s founders, Victoria Hayward and Mohammad Saleem, wished to create a forum that could develop awareness and interest into one of the world’s most beautiful paradises – Kashmir.

Kashmir, a country that has experienced hardship, war and suppression, is home to some of the most gifted artists and craftsmen. We aim to supply these gifted people with a portal into the rest of the world, giving everyone access to these hidden treasures.

Our handcrafted products started their journey, travelling from Mohammad's home, Kashmir, to the home country of Victoria - South Africa. Since 2010, they have continued their journey around the globe and are now available through our exclusive suppliers in the UK, Australia and the USA.


The founders of Exotic Kashmir have travelled to the depths and heights of Kashmir's beautiful mountainous countryside to find you the masters of the famous Kashmiri Shawl. These fine woolen shawls had been mentioned in Afgan texts dating back from the 3rd century BC to the 11th Century AD – predating any French, Italian or other Western scarf companies or designers.

The first acclaimed founder of the cashmere wool industry is known to be Zayn-ul-Abidin; the 15th century ruler of Kashmir who introduced weavers from Central Asia.

To this day, the artisans in Kashmir are using the same original methods to create these works of art. Bringing you authentic products of the same quality and standard as those worn by the royal Mughals of India thousands of years ago.


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